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This is the new blog of the Plugstreet Archaeological Project.

   A Great War themed project exploring sites around Comines-Warneton and Messines in Belgium.    The project is being led by members of No Man's Land - The European Group for Great War    Archaeology and the Comines-Warneton Historical Society.

Dress Rehearsal

Saturday, June 3rd, 2017

As the Sappers deep beneath The Caterpillar began the final tamping of the tunnel leading to the mine chamber, shells rained down on the ground above. The roar from over two thousand artillery pieces echoed across the plains of Flanders as the gunners worked furiously to keep up the allotted rate of fire. Above the ridge, aircraft of the Royal Flying Corps reported back to their operators the locations of enemy guns as they returned fire. Three miles behind the lines those manning the eight captive Balloons observed the artillery from 5,000 feet as the creeping barrage swept forward.

In the German lines, the men steeled themselves for an attack, but all fell silent once more.


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