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   A Great War themed project exploring sites around Comines-Warneton and Messines in Belgium.    The project is being led by members of No Man's Land - The European Group for Great War    Archaeology and the Comines-Warneton Historical Society.

Team Nosferatu’s epic descent

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Nosferatu swung into action again this year after Jon’s unavoidable 2009 absence in the Occupied West Bank. Team this year was mostly old veterans and fully international. Returnees were Keith (Britain), Paola (Italy), James (USA), Swantje (Germany), Nicolas (Wallonie) and new arrival Christine (Britain).
In order to raise the tone of what might otherwise be an unseemly display of grubbiness we dressed for lunch each day in No1 mess dress black high vis. We were promised a machine, and were very excited about it digging down to where we left off in 2008. Unfortunately the bosses seem to have found it in a Kinder Surprise and it barely managed to take out 500mm. And so the epic descent began.
Finds were few, though they included the Australian shoulder title and several bullets which were badly distorted after ricocheting off Kirsty’s concrete blockhouse. When we finally hit the top of the feature there was heavy wood galore. This included a possible door with embedded .303 bullet, and heavy mortice and tennon joints. In situ was a pump for drinking water. Apart from being broken this was in perfect condition as we had reached a nice blue anaerobic layer. This also produced a roll of paper. The finds team will excavate it back at Bradford, but we believe it is either a mediaeval manuscript looted from Brugge, or a toilet roll.

Cleaning up after the machine


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New layers for 2010

Extending the staircase


Setting the tone


Getting stuck in to the anaerobic layer


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