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Bradford Symposium on Battlefield Archaeology

The Bradford Symposium on Battlefield Archaeology was held on Friday 13th November 2009 at the University of Bradford. The meeting was led by Rob Janaway of the Plugstreet Team and was funded under the AHRC/EPSRC Science and Heritage Research Clusters Scheme, which has the objective to promote the development of an integrated approach to the management, scientific study and conservation of battlefield artefact assemblages.

As well as chairing the meeting, Rob gave a talk on the conservation of artifacts recovered from the battlefield. Other speakers included Martin Brown and Rod Scott.

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This video of Martin Brown's presentation was recorded at Bradford.

Part II

"Digging Up Plugstreet" by Richard Osgood and Martin Brown, an account of our research to date is now available to pre-order.

The compelling story of the Australian soldiers of the 3rd Infantry Division who journeyed to England in 1914, and who fought and died on the Western Front during the First World War. Using archaeology as the vehicle for their story, Martin Brown and Richard Osgood follow in the footsteps of the 'Aussies', from their training on windswept Salisbury Plain to the cheerless trenches of Belgium, where they 'dug-in' north-east of Ploegsteert to face the Germans. It presents a unique window into the world of the men who marched away to fight the so-called 'war to end wars

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