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KableG. P. Pte. Australian Imperial Forces 33rd Btn. d.7th Jun 1917
KayE. Pte. Australian Imperial Force. 37th Btn. att 3rd Salvage Coy.
KeaneWilliam 2ndLt. British Army Royal Irish Fusiliers 7th Btn.
KearnsMichael L. Pte. British Army Royal Irish Fusiliers 7th Btn.
KeatingAlbert James Pte. British Army Royal West Kent Regiment 11th Btn.
KeebleWilliam Arthur Pte. British Army London Regiment 1/24th Btn. d.8th Jun 1917
KeebleWilliam Arthur British Army London Regiment 1/24th Btn. d.8th Jun 1917
KeegansJohn Pte. British Army South Lancashire Regiment 7th Btn.
KeenPercy John Cpl. British Army Royal Engineers 216th (Nuneaton) Army Troops Coy. d.4th June 1917
KellyAndrew Spr. Australian Imperial Forces 1st Australian Tunnelling Coy.
KellyJ. J. Pte. Australian Imperial Force. 3rd Salvage Coy.
KellyJames Pte. British Army Durham Light Infantry 13th Btn. d.7th July 1917
KellyNathaniel Spr. Australian Imperial Forces 1st Australian Tunnelling Coy. d.14th Sep 1917
KellyOscar Ralph 2nd Lt. Royal Flying Corps 53rd Sqd. d.12th May 1917
KellyRobert William L/Cpl. Australian Imperial Forces 36th Btn. d.10th Jun 1917
KempJames Oliver Pte. Australian Imperial Force. 34th Btn. d.18th Jul 1917
KendallGeorge William Pte. Australian Imperial Force. 49th Btn. d.7th Jun 1917
KennealyMichel Pte. Australian Imperial Force. 45th Btn.
KennyHorace William L/Bdr British Army Royal Field Artillery 173rd Brigade
KerryFred MID. Cpl. British Army Royal Engineers 105th Field Company
KershawFrank MM. Pte. British Army Northumberland Fusiliers 10th Btn.
KeyErnest Shadrack MM. Australian Imperial Force 36th Btn.
KidmanEdward Cogan no Cpl. Australian Imperial Force 3rd Machine Gun Coy d.14th Apr 1918
KilfordRichard Pte. British Army Royal Dublin Fusiliers 9th Btn. d.9th June 1917
KingCharles Cpl. British Army London Regiment 1/22nd Btn.
KingFrancis Elmour Cpl. Australian Imperial Force. 37th Btn. C Company d.8th June 1917
KingHamilton Boyd 2nd Lt. British Army London Regiment 1/22nd Btn. d.7th Jun 1917
KingslandJoseph Henry Spr. British Army Royal Engineers 171st Tunnelling Company
KinnarneyW. Pte. British Army Leinster Regiment 2nd Btn. A Coy. d.9th Jun 1917
KlinkCharles Ambrose "Charlie" L/Cpl. New Zealand Expeditionary Force 3rd NZ Rifle Brigade. C Coy. d.27th Mar 1918
KnottGeorge Albert Pte. British Army Royal Warwickshire Regiment 10th Btn. d.23rd Mar 1918
KnowlesL. J. Spr. British Army Royal Engineers 47th Signal Coy d.7th Jun 1917

The Roll of Honour is a work in progress: If you know of anyone who served at the Battle of Messines, please complete the form below so that they can be remembered.

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