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2nd Lt Joseph Acheson

British Army South Lancashire Regiment 2nd Btn.


(d.7th Jun 1918)

Gravestone of John and Maria Acheson commmorating also their sons 2Lt Joseph Acheson and William John Acheson.

I can find no war memorial to his man - my Great Great Uncle so I wish him to be remembered here - I hope.

Second Leiutenant (Temporary) Joseph Acheson. Born 09 Nov 1889 in Drumadillar, Co Fermanagh, Ireland. Death 7 Jun 1918 DOW No 34 French Canadian Hospital, Troys, France.

Notes from his Army Service Record...

Former No 202636 or 5700 LSgt, 5th Battalion, Kings Liverpool Regiment, Territorial Force.

Temp Commission 27 Jun 17 2Lt., 8th (Service Battalion), attached 2nd Battalion, Prince of Wales's Volunteers (South Lancashire Regiment). Wounded 29 May 1918. Died 17 Jun 1918.

Attended Derrygonely National School. Character Ref by Rev W B Steel, Levally, Enniskillen. Next of Kin - Mrs J Acheson, 62 Windsor Road, Truebrook, Liverpool. Effects form signed by Mary Evelyn Acheson, 39 Windsor Road, Truebrook, Liverpool.

Letter from James Roberts, Solicitor, 5 Castle Street, Liverpool enquiring if wife and child are entitled to any pension (child = Violet Josephine). Copy of Death certificate stating he died in No34 French Canadian Hospital, Troyes, France.

Letter from Mrs E Acheson requesting a copy of the Death Certificate. A copy of his Will... "I Joseph Acheson of the 6th Battalion, South Lancashire Regiment, 2Lt in the event of my death do hereby request that my wife Mary Evelyn shall have all I possess in money or articles etc. And that she draw any allowance which is her due. I also specifically request that she shall under all circumstances be as cheery as possible and fully realise that my death has resulted whilst doing my duty and I die with one last wish that we both meet in a better land." Signed, Joseph Acheson 2Lt on the field 7th Sep 1917. Total of estate £68-08-10p.

Letter from his mother to the War Office requesting information on his death. Letter from his wife also asking for details.

The following is the insertion about his death in the Impartial Reporter (Newspaper) at the time of his death...

2nd Lieutenant Joe Acheson, South Lancashire Regiment, whose house is at 39 Windsor Road Truebrook, Liverpool, died of wounds received in France on 07 Jun 18, was 28 years of age. He was the youngest son of Mrs Acheson, Drumadillar, Enniskillen. He had been wounded by a bullet in the arm and despite all medical attention he succumbed. He was buried with full military honours at Troyes, the French Commandant and his staff attending the ceremony.

The commanding Officer wrote to say that the Battalion had lost a valuable Officer and one that was admired by all, being of a cheerful disposition. He gained popularity wherever he went. The deceased Officer had seen a good deal of service from 1914, this being his third time out to the French front. He took part in several engagements including those of the Somme of July 1916, escaping without even a scratch. He was recommended on the field for a commission and was gazetted to the South Lancashire Regiment and sent to France. He was a keen territorial and originally belonged to the 7th Kings Liverpools before the war. Deceased Officer was in business with his brother, W J Acheson at 35 West Derby Road and 86 Kensington, Liverpool; he was also in the employment of the Tramways Committee for many years. In his last letter to his wife he asked the following request, that a small Union Jack be placed above his photo for the honour of old England. His wife who mourns his loss is the second daughter of Edward Morrison, Kinmore, Lisnaskea.

Alan R McDade

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