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Lt. Heinrich Albrecht

Imperial German Army 9th Bavarian Infantry Flieger Abteilung 295 b

from:Stamberg, Kingdom of Bavaria

(d.12th Oct 1918)

I am a history buff and recently acquired a Bavarian Observers badge with the following inscription: "Lt. Albrecht, Flg. Abt. 295, 12-10-18".

I have received some information back from a German source indicating that Lt. Heinrich Albrecht, was assigned to the 9th Bavarian Infantry Regiment, "von Ysenberg". He was also connected to the Flyer Dept 295 B(Artillery) as a pilot/observer. He was born 16 July 1898 in Stamberg, Kingdom of Bavaria. He was wounded on 4th October 1918 died of his wounds on the 12th October.

Any additional information would be appreciated.

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