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   A Great War themed project exploring sites around Comines-Warneton and Messines in Belgium.    The project is being led by members of No Man's Land - The European Group for Great War    Archaeology and the Comines-Warneton Historical Society.

Plugstreet images by Peter Chasseaud

Sunday, August 12th, 2007

Here are a couple of images I made while working at St Yvon, Ploegsteert, while on the dig. Does anyone have a photo of me at work drawing, which I can post on my blog? In addition to these two images, I produced, as part of my phenomenology/visibility/intervisibility project several panorama drawings, including one in three sections from the north-east rim of Ultimo Crater looking east towards Warneton, and some of the views from Hull’s Burnt Farm and St Yvon looking towards Factory Farm, Ultra Trench and Ultimo Trench.
Another part of my work was locating the medieval moat of the old farm relative to the present crater and the pattern of roads, old property boundaries, drainage ditches, etc. Aerial photos from 1915 to 1918 were hugely useful here, and I found that the medieval and early modern boundaries and ditches are still significant features of the landscape today. These, of course, are fundamental for geo-referencing.
I’m also doing some writing (including poems), which I will post on my blog (http://peterchasseaud.blogspot.com/). You can also see my blog by googling ‘peter chasseaud artist’.


The image above is Pillars of Fire, and shows the Trench 122 mines being blown on 7 June 1917 under Ultimo Trench (left) and Ultra Trench (Factory Farm, right). The view is from the British front line at Trench 123, opposite Ultimo. [Willow charcoal and pastel on paper. Copyright Peter Chasseaud 2007].


The image above is Ancient Willow, Factory Farm. [Willow charcoal on paper. Copyright Peter Chasseaud 2007].
I’ll post some more images, and some writing, in a few days’ time. Images from my Ypres Willows project (2007) and my May 2007 exhibition (the book to accompany this include some of Ultimo and Factory Farm) can be seen on my blog.


3 responses to “Plugstreet images by Peter Chasseaud”

  1. Jo - Plugstreet Team says:

    Hi Peter

    Just got my system back online. Do you have an email that I can send the images of you to?


  2. Peter C - Plugstreet Team says:

    Glad you like them, Jo. I look forward to seeing the photos you took. Peter.

  3. Jo - Plugstreet Team says:

    Great images Peter. I have some photos of you working on site looking over the trench the RLC guys were digging. I’ll email them to you soon. Jo

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